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  • You can't find a certain book or journal in German library collections, or only very rarely?
  • You would like to tell us about a web content that you would like us to make accessible or that you would like to recommend to us for archiving?
  • You would like to inform us about a scientific subject area for which we should collect more literature in the future?

In the context of the acquisition profile of the Specialized Information Service Musicology (FID Musicology), we are happy to receive your requests and tips about gaps in our collections, scholarly web content, and research trends, and check whether we can include them in our offerings.


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Stay informed about new books and other new acquisitions of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek on musicology!

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Acquisitions within the framework of the FID Musicology are oriented towards the peak needs of music research. This includes the conventional area of print media with the supply of monographs, printed music and periodicals as well as the licensing and provision of digital offers and e-media.

Numerous search entries offer extensive research possibilities:

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