Web Archiving of Internet Resources

The Internet is an immeasurably large, constantly changing repository of sources of all kinds. Growth and transience of information go hand in hand at such a rapid pace that an overview of the virtual source situation seems almost impossible.

In order to curb this volatility of information, the FID Musicology selects relevant Internet resources, makes copies at regular intervals - with the express permission of the copyright holders - and makes them permanently accessible in online archives in order to make them available to musicological research as persistent sources. 
The collection profile of the archived Internet resources is basically broad, so that any website can be archived, provided that it represents an added value for the musicological community. 

Various search options make it easy to search through the more than 2,700 sources currently listed:

Long-term archived websites at a glance:

  • In the “WebGuide Musik”, you can find all long-term archived websites by entering the search term "Langzeitarchivierung" . 
  • IIn the Advanced Search of musiconn.search, you can reach them by searching without entering a search term. Then filter the results according to
    • Data source: "MusicOPAC at BSB"
    • Media type: "Web Resources of ViFaMusik”
Further Information:

Can't find a musicology-related Internet resource in our archives and/or have suggestions for websites to archive in the future?
In these cases, the Bayerische Staatsbibliotheks wish list service is particularly useful for contacting the staff of the Web Archive for Internet Resources: 

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