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A comprehensive acquisition area of the Specialized Information Service for Musicology (FID Musicology) lies in the licensing and provision of subject-relevant digital media (databases, e-books, e-journals, primary online editions of sheet-music prints). The variety of databases and full-text offerings (books, journals, sheet-music prints, audio collections) has been bundled in the Virtual Library of Musicology (ViFaMusik) since 2004. Through the establishment of new modules (e.g. document servers, topic portals), it was expanded into the subject portal (since 2018) for the FID Musicology.

The inventory of conventional media (e.g. printed music, books, journals) and sound recordings will continue to be built up in the future.

In order to simplify research - especially by means of the New Music Acquisitions - and to present the subject classification of main topics more transparently, you will find the subject classification of our musicological media here:

Subject Classification Music

  • Musicology in general
  • History of music
  • Forms and genres
    • Vocal music
    • Instrumental music
    • Sacred music / church music
    • Music for stage and film
    • Music for dance
  • Music theory
  • Music pedagogy / didactics
    • Early music education, private music education
    • Vocal pedagogy and instrumental pedagogy
  • Performance practice and notation
    • Performance practice
    • Notation, Paleography
    • Edition
  • Instrumentology in general
    • Keyboard instruments
    • String and plucked instruments
    • Wind instruments
    • Percussion instruments
    • Mechanical musical instruments
    • Electric and electronic musical instruments
  • Systematic musicology
    • Music aesthetics, music philosophy, music criticism
    • Music linguistics, music semiotics
    • Psychology of music
    • Acoustics, Physics
    • Sociology of music
  • Neighboring fields of musicology
    • Music and Literature
    • Mathematics, Computer Science
    • Music and Medicine
    • Music and Art
    • Music iconography
    • Music and Law
    • Music business
    • Cultural history
  • Ethnomusicology and folk music
  • Jazz
  • Popular music, rock and pop music    
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More detailed information on the positioning of musiconn's acquisition profile in the context of the music department of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek can be found here: 

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