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Newsletter of the Specialized Information Service Musicology

No. 4

7 August 2023


Meeting of the musiconn Advisory Board in February 2023 in Munich

The musiconn advisory board, which supports the further development of the musiconn project in an advisory capacity from the perspective of the musicological community, met in February 2023 for its annual meeting at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich. Almost all members of the advisory board were present in person. In a lively exchange between the musiconn project teams from Munich and Dresden and the advisory board, plans for the further development of the individual musiconn services were discussed. The project teams presented the current plans for the musiconn continuation proposal, which has meanwhile been submitted to the German Research Foundation (DFG) in April 2023, and received valuable advice from the advisory board for changes to this proposal. In addition to the further development of the previous work packages, the BSB Munich and the SLUB Dresden are planning two new work packages in the next three-year musiconn project phase starting in January 2024. Subject to approval by the DFG, the BSB will launch a work package on libretti and the SLUB will establish a standards data service for musicology. The DFG will decide on the approval of the musiconn continuation proposal in December 2023. The next advisory board meeting is planned for spring 2024 at SLUB Dresden.



New design for the blog of the FID Musicology

musiconn.kontrovers, the blog of the FID Musicology, now has a new layout! From now on, all posts can be read, commented on and discussed in the brand new design. The latest contribution is by Torsten Roeder, he asks the question whether we need a new concept of edition for music and media edition in the digital age. We look forward to your new blog contributions!



Around 155,000 data sets and new collections online

The musical event database musiconn.performance has grown considerably again in recent weeks. Data on concerts and opera performances from three very different projects have been added: The DFG project Die Opera buffa als europäisches Phänomen (Opera buffa as a European Phenomenon), which investigated the spread of the new opera genre in Europe in the period from 1740 to 1765 under the direction of Kordula Knaus at the University of Bayreuth, was completed. The event data was successfully mapped for musiconn.performance and integrated into the database. Among other things, the project dataset provides information on over 1,200 events at over 100 different locations. Supported by the German Digital Women's Archive, the Archive "Frau und Musik" in Frankfurt is currently indexing events from the series of Komponistinnenkonzerte (female composers' concerts) by the Munich-based musica femina association as well as other programmes from the estate of Elke Mascha Blankenburg. Records from this collection are now also searchable online at musiconn.performance, including 700 works and over 500 people. The project Der Musikverein zu Münster in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts (The Music Society of Münster in the Second Half of the 19th Century) started at the University of Münster a few months ago. Under the direction of Peter Schmitz and Anna Maria Plischka, concerts are being made accessible in musiconn.performance that Julius Otto Grimm in particular conducted in Münster for decades. The first data are already online and the project, which is funded by the Universitätsgesellschaft Münster, was presented in detail at the 111th BiblioCon in Hanover. All collections can be found here.



Step-by-step introduction of the new design

Since April, musiconn.publish has a new design. What is striking is that the search slot and the latest publications can now be found more easily on the homepage, which should make research in our musicological OA repository more efficient. The redesign of the website is oriented towards the other musiconn offerings on the web and will strengthen the common musiconn identity. However, the work has not yet been completed. In the coming months, the presentation of bibliographic and library data of the individual publications will be improved in particular, and monographic series will soon be presented centrally and uniformly on the website. In addition, cross-searching in journals and monographs will now be made possible.

New journals on film music and from the DVSM

The Kieler Beiträge zur Filmmusikforschung moved to musiconn.publish with its current issue in April 2023. And the autumn issue of the journal edited by Stefan Drees, Peter Niedermüller and Robert Rabenalt, among others, is already in the starting blocks. Gradually, all the older issues will be added to musiconn.publish. Also new is StiMMe, the first musicological journal in which only students publish and which was initiated by the umbrella organisation of musicology students: https://journals.qucosa.de/stimme. Here, too, a second issue is to be published this year.


Upcoming events with musiconn participation

Marketplace of current research with musiconn and NFDI4Culture

musiconn and NFDI4Culture are also represented with offers at the Marketplace of Current Research, which takes place on 5 October at the GfM conference in Saarbrücken.


At the musiconn.performance thematic station, staff from the Specialized Information Service will not only give interested visitors an insight into the diverse research approaches and research possibilities offered by musiconn.performance, but will also invite them to actively work with the database's input screen and create data records on musical events. The following questions will be answered in a very practical way:

  • How can musiconn.performance be used as a research tool?
  • What search entry points are there and how can data from specific research projects be found?
  • How does the data get into the database?
  • What possibilities are there for project partners from science to make their data accessible in musiconn.performance?
  • How is the data networked and standardised?

At the thematic station on musiconn.publish, advice will be given on how institutes and individual researchers can use the repository for their own research results, how publications that have already appeared can be secondary published on musiconn.publish and how journals can be moved to musiconn.publish or newly founded. We also provide information on the possibilities for cooperation with specialist publishers and on the existing workflows for publishing qualification publications in compliance with the respective examination regulations. Things get very practical when FID staff also give introductions to the use of the Open Access System, with which publishers and editors can manage the complete workflow from CfP to the publication of their own journal on musiconn.publish.

Under the title "Dynamic and/or scientific? Publishing and communicating in the digital age", the editorial team of the blog musiconn.kontrovers will also be represented at the marketplace. On the occasion of the relaunch of musiconn.kontrovers, Moritz Kelber and Sebastian Bolz will discuss the state of the musicological debate on digital publishing and communication and highlight challenges, opportunities and perspectives.

Another project stand will present the score-based search entries in the musiconn offerings. The RISM Catalog maintained at the BSB offers corresponding options, as does the music search musiconn.scoresearch based on Optical Music Recognition (OMR). Improvements and ideas will be presented at the marketplace in order to further expand these offerings in the course of the current and future project phases. In particular, the plans for the broad-based recording of 16th and 17th century printed music via OMR in cooperation with the University of Alicante and the MuRET project will be a topic.

At the NFDI's thematic station, it's all about the big picture: NFDI4Culture's mission is to create a needs-based infrastructure for research data in the fields of architecture, art, music, theatre, dance, film and media studies. This includes various digital offers and tools, which will be presented at the "Marketplace of Current Research": the Helpdesk, the Knowledge Base and the further education offers of the Cultural Research Data Academy. The aim is to make these offers even more widely known, but also to discuss their possible thematic further development.

The NFDI4Culture Helpdesk is a low-threshold point of contact that provides help and advice on topics ranging from applications to copyright. It enables individual, direct consultation on specific questions relating to research data. The NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base is another resource for questions about research data, with handouts in the form of texts and videos as well as curated link recommendations. In the further education offerings of the Cultural Research Data Academy, we offer colleagues workshops, which we offer free of charge as a modular series "Basic Course in Research Data Management", but also an overview of external course offerings on relevant topics.

Further events

This year, musiconn is again offering workshops on Open Access publishing. In addition to a workshop at the GfM conference in Saarbrücken, we are also participating with an event at the GMTH congress in Freiburg. Not only the different OA variants (green, gold and diamond), the different licensing models and the publication options offered by musiconn.publish will be discussed. One of the main topics will be hybrid publishing (online and print). The various possibilities of cooperation between musiconn and the specialist publishers will be shown.


At the biennial congress of the Société française de musicologie in Angers from 19-21 October 2023, the musiconn project will be represented with a poster presentation. In addition, Jürgen Diet, the musiconn project coordinator at the BSB Munich, was invited as one of five panellists to the panel discussion "Digital Music Libraries".

News Staff

New member of the musiconn team at the BSB

Silvana Schumann joined the musiconn team at the BSB in February 2022. Ms. Schumann studied musicology at the LMU Munich. Especially in the musiconn.scoresearch project, but also in the support of the musiconn portal and the social media channels, we can draw on the rich and long-standing experience of our new colleague in the field of musicological projects as well as in music marketing.


musiconn survey

Evaluation of the services offered by the FID Musicology

The first evaluation of the musiconn portal and the sub-projects of the FID Musicology took place from 8 September to 6 November 2022. Through an online survey via LimeSurvey, we were not only able to get an even better picture of the professional and institutional composition of our users, but also received valuable feedback for the improvement of existing offers and the conceptual design of new ones. The more than 120 completed online participants were flanked by seven in-depth interviews with experts from externally funded projects, publishers, music libraries, music practice and research & teaching. The impulses from our community have already found their way into the application for the new funding phase 2024-2026. We would like to thank you for your active participation and valuable suggestions!


About this newsletter

The newsletter of the Specialized Information Service Musicology informs you about musicological topics, resources, events and much more.


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